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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's a good day for Gaming

Today was a good day to play some oldschool games.,

I decided it was time to play some old games. And when I say old, I mean 1993 old.

I decided to take out the old Super NES and play some Super Mario World.
This game came out just one year after Super Mario Brothers 3 on the Nes, which had very nice graphics in comparison to the first Mario. But sorry SMB3, you have been surpassed. You are no longer 'THE' Mario game everyone is talking about. About everything is better in SMW.  Clothing looks better, face looks more detailed, and character animations have been improved. Mario was the face of the NES, and with this game Mario was expanding his kingdom. The SNES was his new country, ready to be conquered.

But i'ts not just the graphics that made this game what it is. Because of the jump to the SNES there were suddenly 4 buttons to use. Instead of the A and B button, there is also the Y and X button. X and Y both run, B does a regular jump and the A button did something that you were not able to do on the NES versions. You could do a 'Spinning Jump' this was something we (as gamers) had not seen before. The regular jump did everything it has always done. Kill those goomba's and Koopa Troopa's. But with this jump you could make Koopa's disappear or even bounce off of various objects like Big Boo's and the green poison bubbles in Ghost Houses.
Basicly, the 4 buttons was a nice improvement over the 2 basic ones. The controls are just as perfect on SMB, absolutely no flaws, just perfect control of Mario to kick some Goomba butt.

The storyline is basicly about Bowser kidnapping the Princess. Mario will do anything to get her back. He is willing to go from Yoshi's Island to the Valley of Bowser and everything in between. Before reaching Bowser himself, there's 7 family members of Bowser that want to make Mario's life miserable. You'll have to beat Iggy, Morton, Lemmy, Ludwig, Roy, Wendy and Larry first. These are all bosses hiding in castles on your way to Bowser's Valley. You basicly beat them if you jump on their heads 3 times or let them burn in lava.

But don't worry, you are not alone. They decided to add a GREEN PLAYABLE DINOSAUR!! To ride on Yoshi the dinosaur is extremely helpful and i'ts just amazing to mount a dinosaur which basicly becomes your friend. He's there to help you fight Bowser and his minions. Yoshi eats almost every enemy in the game, but does he only eat the enemies? No! If Yoshi eats a Red Koopa he shoots 3 fireballs, when he eats a green one, he shoots the green shell and if Yoshi eats a blue shell he is able to FLY. By tapping the B button you can easily fly through the whole level. There's even 3 colored yoshi's Red, Blue and Yellow Yoshi which all have their own special ability.

There are alot of different zones in SMW, you start at Yoshi's house. From here you go to Donut Plains, to Soda Lake, Cheese Bridge, Cookie Mountain, Forest of Illusion, Chocolate Island and at the very end there is the 'Valley of Bowser' which has a very catchy rockish song. Because of these new area's theres also new enemies. There is Super Koopa that can fly. Monty Mole's that jump out of the ground. Eeries, which are very annoying dinosaur ghost. Rip Van Fish that is just taking a nap, but when Mario swims by he sets off in hot pursuit. Rex' which are dinosaurs, just like Mini-Rhino's and Dino Rhino's. Mini-Rhino's actually spit fire. Wiggler is a caterpillar that lives in the forest, normally Wiggler is very quiet, but once jumped on he turns red and gets extremely angry. Magikoopa is a wizard that shoots strange flashes of lights that turns blocks into enemies. When a Sumo Brother stamps its foot, lightning strikes, and turns whatever it hits into a sea of flames. Chargin' Chucks , probably one of the most annoying enemies of the whole game, always going after you jumping all around playing football. They are the main cause of losing your Yoshi. They are mostly found just before the finish of the game.

Sound Quality in this game has been improved greatly. They replaced the 8-bit beeps from the NES and turned it into 16-bit music. Every level has a catchy song and these songs actually don't get annoying after hearing them for a while. I mean, who does not know the Mario songs.

Basicly Super Mario World is one of the best, if not the best, Mario game i've ever played. I'm giving it a 10 because there is simply nothing bad to say about this game.

This was MrBunni, I'll see you next time.

MrBunni out.


  1. Took your follower virginity :o Super mario world was my favorite..

  2. @Zara: I'm stealing that! lol

    and man, I never played Mario for the story...just for fun! lol. followed!

  3. Yoshi is def a pimp

  4. been a couple months since i played this game but last time i did i hooked up with this one girl ehh good times

  5. Love this classic NES stuff, grew up with it
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  7. every day is a good day for gaming!

  8. Maaaan i miss these games :(